Tavern Skala Karavostasi-Karavostasi Beach Perdika Thesprotia Epirus Greece!

Skala Karavostasi Taverna is located on one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Epirus, Karavostasi.It is built in an idyllic location, offering its clients fantastic views all the time of the day!
Here you will find fresh fish from the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea, as well as various seafood cooked delicious! Try shrimp spaghetti, lobster spaghetti, mussels, shrimp, squid, octopus, big and small fish!
If you prefer meats then we prepare grill with fresh meat!
Pork chops, beef steaks, pork skewers, chicken skewers, lamb ribs, fresh minced meat burger, all well-cooked and delicious!
And if you still don't want to eat, you can have cool cocktails, iced beers, ouzo, but also your coffee and ice cream, enjoying the coolness of our trees and the amazing view !!
Enjoy the most fantastic sunsets, with the sun disappearing behind Corfu!
In our Tavern you will find comfortable parking and a children's corner!

Find Tavern Skala Karavostasi on the map!

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